Pilsen Family Photo Album – A Paradise between Four Rivers

Everyone has some pictures saved at home, capturing their holidays, weekend at cottages, family, friends, favorite places: images describing episodes of our everyday lives, private pictures which in a way describe the lives of us all. What these photos illustrate is not just our private life. They reveal also the life of Pilsen. The Pilsen Family Photo Album offers an opportunity to create a collective album from our individual albums, an album of the lives of Pilsen’s residents, a collective picture of the city of Pilsen.

From autumn 2014 until June 2015, residents will be able to scan their photos at various points around the city, such as at Pilsen City Libraries and the Meeting Point, or, alternatively, send them directly to the web gallery of the project: fotoalbum.plzen.eu. On this web gallery you can discover those photos according to 3 main categories landscapes, portraits and activities in the city, and you can search them through many sub-categories regrouping typical images of Pilsen.

Two exhibitions will be compiled from the photos, set in the premises of the Pilsen DEPO 2015. The first exhibition, subtitled Hidden City, will showcase the outcomes of the first stage of the gathering of photos from residents of Pilsen and display materials retrieved from Pilsen archives and student works. The exhibition will also be accompanied by discussions and presentations of the Hidden City project. The final exhibition called A Paradise between Four Rivers will be curated by Jean-Pierre Mouleres (who run similar project in the frame of Marseille Provence 2013) and present a vast selection of the family photos collected.

Partners: The Faculty of Philosophy of the University of West Bohemia (FF ZČU), West Bohemian Museum, the Pilsen City Library, Archives of the City of Pilsen, the Czech News Agency (ČTK).

Hidden City, DEPO 2015: 16 April – 17 July

A Paradise between Four Rivers, DEPO 2015: 20 October – January 2016